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We provide a commerce service to create and sell a wide variety of reference products, and offer unique merchandise across virtually every Family History topic from Census indexes to Monumental Inscriptions. Please use the ‘Shop’ link on the main Menu to access details of our extensive range of publications and records. All publications are available on either CD or DVD and can be purchased by cheque or by Card. Most publications can also be downloaded.

Our latest publications are  Kimberworth, St Thomas, Memorial Inscriptions. Includes colour photos of over 3000 identifiable graves.   AND Masbrough Cemetery, Memorial Inscriptions, Includes colour photos of over 1900 identifiable graves.

PHOTOGRAPHIC ARCHIVE     As with our Publications, we have an extensive collection of photographs of ‘Old Rotherham’.  Copies of these may be purchased either from our bookstall at members meetings and fairs, or by post.  Please note that Rotherham Family History Society owns the copyright on all photographs in its collections.