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Rotherham Family History Society was formed in July 1983 to bring together the Family History Community in Rotherham and the surrounding area and now has a membership of over 300 local, national and International members. It offers a forum and marketplace, which gives its members the opportunity to meet other like minded people in a friendly atmosphere conducive to the furtherment of their Genealogical interests.

Breaking News …. Breaking News …. Breaking News …. Breaking News

Another Wentworth Woodhouse Tour has been booked for Tuesday 15th January 2019 at 2pm. The cost of the tour is £12.00 per ticket as a buffet lunch has been booked for after the tour. Tickets are on a first come first served basis and will be available at our December and January Meetings. The tour is strictly Rotherham Family History Society Members only. Single membership entitled to one ticket, family membership two tickets.

The 'Clifford Tour' takes in the older part of the house which contain some of the 1st Earl of Straffords rooms, the West Front Entrance, the Long Gallery and much more.

Wentworth Woodhouse Tour Update.... The last date to book your tour tickets is Thursday 3rd January 2019, our next Members Meeting. This is give to our hosts the final numbers for the buffet lunches.