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Unwanted Certificates

If you have any unwanted certificates please send them to Hilary Jackson for inclusion here, they might be useful to others researching their family history.

The following certificates have been given by members of Rotherham Family History Society for the benefit of others. These certificates are held by our Members Interests  Co-ordinator, Hilary Jackson, and are available to purchase. See Contacts Page for Hilary’s contact details.

Birth Certificates

Ann BECROFT, born Old Ford, Bow, MDX 17 Feb 1851, dau of George & Ann BECROFT (nee HUNTER).

Maria BRISTOW born in Birmingham 4 May 1854, dau of James and Dinah BRISTOW (nee ETHERIDGE); registered at Billingshurst in Sussex. Sarah Ann.

BROOKES born at 18 Sambourne Square, Sheffield. 26 August 1847 dau of Charles Brookes, Table Knife Cutler; Mother Hannah BROOKES, (nee PHILLIPS).

Ellen KIRBY born Wath, Rotherham, YKS, 24 October 1894 dau of John and Ada KIRBY (nee LICENCE).

John KIRBY born Maltby, Rotherham, YKS, 14 June 1901 son of Henry and Kate Mary KIRBY (nee OLDFIELD). George KIRBY born Wath, Rotherham, YKS, 28 December 1900 son of John and Ada KIRBY (nee LICENCE).

Harry LAKE, born Colkirk, NFK, 12 Aug 1878, son of Mary LAKE.

Sarah MANNING, born Membury, DEV, 6 Aug 1862, dau of William & Elizabeth MANNING (nee POTTER).

Annie WOOD born Otley, YKS, 28 August 1859, dau of Sarah WOOD.

Cornelius WRIGHT, born Ropsley, LIN, 26 May 1860, son of John & Jane WRIGHT (nee PALMER).

Uriah WRIGHT, born Ropsley, LIN, 9 July 1857, son of John & Jane WRIGHT (nee PALMER).

Florence Emma WRIGHT, born Sheffield, 17 Oct 1870, dau of William & Eliza WRIGHT (nee SPAWAGE).

Florence WRIGHT, born Grimsby, LIN, 5 Jan 1872, dau of John Cooke & Ruth WRIGHT (nee SHANKSTER).

Eliza WRIGHT, born Brampton, DBY, 29 Sept 1873, dau of Alfred & Jane WRIGHT (nee PASHLEY).

Jane WROE, born Birley Carr, YKS, 17 June 1842, dau of George & Hannah WROE (nee BEAUMONT).

Marriage Certificates

John HARTLEY (aged 21, of Thorpe) and Mary COPLEY (aged 19 of Thorpe) at The Parish Church, Rotherham, on 3 May 1846. Fathers were Isaac HARTLEY and William COPLEY.

Marriage certificate for Charles GRAY (aged 29 of Grantham) and Florence WRIGHT (aged 29 of Grantham) at the Parish Church, Grantham, on 27 November 1897. Fathers were Clark GRAY and William WRIGHT.

Robert GRIMES married Elizabeth WEBB at Clerkenwell (MDX) on 24 June 1838 – both resided at Nags Head Court at the time. Fathers were Robert GRIMES and Richard WEBB.

Ernest LAKIN married Jeanette STEVENS at Chesterfield Register Office (DBY) on 10 Feb 1958 – they both resided at 4 Eastfield Road, Dronfield at the time. Fathers were David LAKIN and George Thomas BOFORTH. Jeanette’s previous marriage was dissolved.

Arthur LEACH married Lily WOLSTENHOLM at All Saints, Sheffield, YKS on 28 April 1894 – Arthur resided at 2 Courthouse, Grimesthorpe Road and Lily was at Ditchingham Street at the time. Fathers were John LEACH and Walter WOLSTENHOLM.

John ROBINSON married Susannah LEACH at Fishlake, YKS on 6 February 1849 – John resided at Stainforth and Susannah at Fishlake at the time. Fathers were John ROBINSON and Thomas LEACH.

Michael SPELLMAN married Bridget MCLAUGHLAN at Rotherham, YKS on 10 February 1867 Michael from Wellgate; Bridget from The Crofts; Fathers were William SPELLMAN and Andrew MCLAUGHLAN .

William WEGG married Louisa WEGG at Erpingham Register Office (NFK) on 11 Apr 1901 – they both were from Gimingham, NFK at the time. Fathers were Thomas WEGG and Robert BRIGHT.

Both were widowed. William WING married Jane WROE in Ecclesfield (YKS) on 11 June 1871 – they both were living in Shiregreen. Fathers were Samuel WING and George WROE.

Death Certificates

Arthur Wentworth Chivers BOWER – age 79, died 20 Jan 1946 at Church Street Nursing Home, Bath (SOM).

Hugh CAMPBELL, 79 years, formerly General Labourer of Water Lane, Sheffield. Hugh died in Sheffield workhouse on 5 June 1903. Informant was A S Fussell, Assistant Master at the workhouse. Registered in the sub-district of West Brightside, in Sheffield.

Esther DAWSON, age 21 months of Duke Street, Sheffield dau of William DAWSON.

Arthur Joseph LEACH, age 66, a retired Furriers Warehouseman; died 20 August 1934 at 45 Penerley Road; present at death at 45 Penerley Road, S.E.6 was I.M. Creedy, daughter; Re-registered in the sub-district of Catford in the Metropolitan Borough of Lewisham.

George LEVERSIDGE – age 70, died 9 Jan 1872 at South Street, Ecclesall Bierlow (YKS). Mary LIVERSIDGE – age 83, died 26 Feb 1926 at Langdale Road, Barnsley (YKS).

Richard PICKERING – age 68, died 10 March 1855 at Middleton (YKS). William REYNOLDS – age 78, died 24 Jan 1847 at Sheringham (NFK).